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‘Bill + Ted Face the Music’ Gets New Release Date

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The film industry's attempt to resume has led to a lot of shifting of release dates planned for 2020. One of the many films affected by the Covid-19-caused shift is the third Bill & Ted movie, which is now moving to an Aug. 28 release.

One of the primary reasons for the shift was that the Christopher Nolan-directed film Tenet, which was expected to be one of the summer's major draws, recently moved into the week of Aug. 12, where Bill & Ted: Face the Music was initially set to arrive.

The Covid-19 delay and the shuttering of movie theaters since March has led movie studios to hold their films. leading to a more packed release schedule. As a result, there's more competition for viewers especially as the film industry resumes and that has led to a more difficult scheduling task, providing the best chances for movies to succeed. Moving away from the Aug. 12 release gives Bill & Ted two full weeks clear of the likely summer blockbuster.

In this latest installment, Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter reprise their roles, now entering middle age and having not yet met the expectations of creating music that was prophecized in the previous films. Receiving a warning from the future that they have a limited time left to create a song that will save the Earth, Bill and Ted call upon their families, friends and some famous faces to try to complete their task.

This latest installment returns William Sadler as the Grim Reaper (aka Death) and introduces Brigette Lundy-Paine and Samara Weaving as Bill and Ted's daughters.

Bill & Ted Face the Music Trailer

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Ice Cube – Nobody Wants To Die (Mafia III Trailer)

Everybody wants to go to Heaven
Y’all thought I was soft as cotton
Everybody wants to go to Heaven
Messed around and forgot I was rotten
Everybody wants to go to Heaven
You know my resume
You tell ’em I’m on my way
But nobody (You tell ’em, I’m on my way)
Ah nobody wants to die

[Verse 1]
I keep my mind on my money, I keep my hand on my gunny
Don’t get to playin’ with sonny, unless you Playboy Bunny
I’ll put four in your tummy, tap two in your brain
See the man ain’t playing, if you think it’s a game
Haters whisper my name, suckers want what I slang
Arrogant and I’m vain, DA want me to hang
But let me explain, like Abel and Cain
That the black Grim Reaper is not my brother’s keeper
Revenge, revenge a killer’s on a binge of revenge
It depends if I can live with my sins
Lose family and friends (lost em all)
Now you got to lose life and limb, spit phlegm on them
Got the code of Rakim, homey, jokes ain’t allowed
And you boy ain’t scared to move the crowd with something loud
If you doubt what I’m about, go ahead an run your mouth
I’m the last thing you see when your time is running out, trick

Everybody wants to go to Heaven
I’ll send you fast boy, with a blast boy (first class, boy)
Everybody wants to go to Heaven
Messin’ with the wrong one, send you on that long run
Everybody wants to go to Heaven (I ain’t the one, son)
Pop you like a pro, now you good to go (yeah)
But nobody (Nobody, nobody, nobody, nobody)
Ah nobody wants to die

[Verse 2]
You forgot where I come from, you forgot what I do
You forgot what you was sayin’, cuz I’m blockin’ your view
Now I got you on cue, you about to turn blue
Get around me now you actin’ like my little nephew
Boy what you wan’ do? You ain’t gon’ do ish
But go take a ish, is ’bout as funky as it get
Now I’ma have to admit, that I was prolly too nice
But take my advice or I’ll take your life
Now if you still wanna slice, let’s start with the fingers
Let’s move to the toes, and end with the penis
See men are from Mars, now you from Venus
How dumb you got to be tryin’ to think with the genius
It’s the big payback, you can’t clown James Brown
See a brother been down ever since Jamestown
You either swim or you’re drowned, you either gagged or you’re bound
Now you can’t make a sound, boy look at you now

Everybody wants to go to Heaven
I’ll send you fast boy, with a blast boy (first class, boy)
Everybody wants to go to Heaven
Messin’ with the wrong one, send you on that long run
Everybody wants to go to Heaven (I ain’t the one, Crip)
Pop you like a pro, now you good to go (Go on)
But nobody (Nobody, na)
Ah nobody wants to die

Czarface – Two In The Chest letras

[Verse 1: Esoteric]
You know the age old saying [?] role playing
Leave an a-hole in the k-hole praying
Newsflash, this is how an emcee sound
I put it down like no look dunks from Dee Brown
We in the house
[?] two doors down from two tours now
Evil as Luthor’s style, the crew’s all wild
The price of death never been cheaper
And you ain’t gotta notify to fight your next of kin neither
You can’t sleep ’cause the ink keeper is the Grim Reaper
I’m a sin eater, Czarface the ringleader
Bust a nine millimeter rhyme at your two-seater
Crush your spine with a lethal line, you’re a an easy bleeder
I’m a mind reader so I transform the streets off
Wide-eyed looking at bodies like you’re complete soft
My pen ain’t deadly, depending on how the beats are
Steady ’cause I made it explosive, you know how [?] are
Each bar leave a deep scar, we spar
In the East where the beasts are
Catch my metaphors kind of like Bautista
Respect authority, I’m throwing up a police car
Rugged flows, I’m Eleven with the bloody nose
Telekinetic, you rapping telepathatic
I bring stranger things
You’d think a demon was arranging things
Godly king
My change of rings smash my angel wings
I’m a nice guy, but only off the track when I don’t rap
You better dip, no Cumberbatch
If the beat cut the right feeling like [?]
I might just hit you like two in the chest

[Verse 2: Inspectah Duck]
(Yeah, Czarface, face off)
G in the game, youngins ain’t being the same
No, you couldn’t be me without feeling my pain
Throw up the grind, snake eye, notice the shine
Hit ’em with a quick clip like I’m posting a Vine
Off of the bread, violators, off with their head
Rather walk off to lead before talking to Feds
Working your brain, fast life, merging my lane
How I crush up the base like I’m serving ’em ‘caine
Hate if you will, I still get ’em papers and chill
Baggy jeans sag really, that’s the way of the build
Swim with the shark, boy, you getting lit from the start
Saying life’s like a movie and I’m living the part
Deckers of beasts, naturally they envy me
Living these lines, you swear that I’m on NZT
Dude is a vet, INS schooling the best
Lose your breath when I hit you like two in the chest
Hit you like two in the chest, hit you like two in the chest